Thursday, December 8, 2011

If Kobe, Dwight and CP3 go to LA, F it, I'm Goin' Too

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If these Broz seriously team up in LA, F it, I'm goin' too.

Ever since Danny Ainge and the Celtics composed the Big Three, and proceeded to hang their record-breaking 17th NBA Championship banner in the Garden later that season, the NBA has been completely discombobulated, trying to emulate their achievement.


And ever since Pat Riley and the Heat decided to sign their Big Three: LeBron James, Mike Miller and Chris Bosh, the NBA has been, well, for lack of a better word, hilarious. (btw this just in Shane Battier to the Heat).

So when I heard the words "Kobe," "Dwight," "Chris," and  "Lakers" in the same sentence Wednesday night, talking NBA with a fellow Sportz Bro who goes by the name of ACE, I couldn't help but think, damn, this league just gets better and better.

Lord knows (#drizzy) what those three are capable doing of when teaming up. Analogies now being accepted at

This honestly could be the move that pushes Kobe past MJ. He could theoretically snag another three-peat.

Unlike the Celtics' Big Three, or the Heats', Kobe has multiple rings. In fact, Kobe has more than Pierce, Allen, Garnett, Wade, Bosh and LeBron combined. Ergo, the potential Laker Big Three is going to be like the Celtics on steroids.

The aging Kobe Bryant, who still has the most money jumper in all the world, will play the role of Pierce. He will cross you, boss you, D you, and of course, he will have the ball in the dying second, and he will net the game-winning shot 70% of the time - something the Heat will never figure out.

Chris Paul will play the parts of Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. Patrolling the perimeter, ball-in-hand, and giving Kobe's aging knees constant relief. If Chris Paul does come to the Lakers, expect to see Kobe around for at least four more solid years. If not, two at most.

And Dwight. Dwighty Dwighty Dwight. What can I say? You're the most athletic human in the U.S! Prepare to see Howard's name next to "the most offensive rebounds in a single season in NBA history" if this trio comes to fruition.

If these three go to LA, don't be surprised to see my facebook status locations start to say, "somewhere near LA," more often than not.

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