Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hump Day Doppelgangerz: Kris Humphries v. Lurch

By Chris Krukowski

Chris Humphries and Lurch are one in the same. Huge, not very good at their job, and in general a detriment to everyone around them. Lurch made his name on the Addams family being the gigantic butler who didn't say a whole lot other than "uuhhh." Humphries is known more for his short-lived marriage to the promiscuous Kim Kardashian than for his basketball skills. 

Frankly, I'm impressed that he didn't take Kardashian as his last name because we all know she is way more famous than he is. 

But, you have to give the guy props, he made way more money marrying her than he does playing playing ball.

Damn son, you just got LURCHED!

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