Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fire Pics of the Day: NBA Trade Talk is Going HAM : SportsNation

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The NBA Gods were right. This has been an insane few weeks of NBA trade talk, but SPORTSNATION is handling it brilliantly via facebook with these fire pics.

"Are you serious? Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are now on the same team? You're telling me that the NBA ACTUALLY OKAYED this deal? You do realize that we fans now have most sought-after alley-oop supplement in the league (besides Marqus Blakely), and the by-far, without a doubt, most-talented passer in the NBA on the same team?

News flash! When people claim "player-x" is the best "passer" in the league, they go home later that night and think, oh, I forgot about Chris Paul, every time.

I don't care how many assets the Clippers lost for this to happen, or what happens after this season, this trade is the future three years at least of the NBA.


And then an hour later SN drops this on their facebook page:

No words.

Fire Pics of the Day.

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