Monday, December 26, 2011

Fifa Throwbacks: 2006 Top Ten Goals Video

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Anyone who's played and loved the game of FIFA surely remembers the year of 06.

Whether you had an XBOX original or a Playstation II, FIFA 06 was a fulcrum of every broz' well being.

Perhaps FIFA 2006 was so perfect because it was the last year before XBOX 360 came out. It was the fifth year in a row that EA Sports designed FIFA specifically for XBOX original. The theory that with a new generation of gaming systems, like XBOX 360, comes new, unfinished kinks and glitches - it's tough for EA Sports to match the quality of game play when given a new platform to work with. Hence all the unrealistic, floating goals from 30 yards in FIFA 07.

Either way, one of the reasons FIFA 2006 was so fire was because of this video:

Wow, that was fantastic. Nothing like decade-old vintage FIFA Soccer-selected highlights.

But that video was just one of the reasons 06 shined -
Who could neglect to remember the power of Thierry Henry in Fifa 06?

Or the massive force that was Juventus - before all the hoopla and strife that struck the Italian league.

The emerging Chelsea Blues still had Hernan Crespo up front, while the Liverpool Reds had the powerful boot of Steven Gerrard in his chieftain prime.

The list goes on.

It's now six years later, and believe it or not, XBOX 360 is on its fifth version of FIFA with 12. The game has truly evolved for 360 since 07, but what happened to the cool videos from 06?

They still present videos, but nothing like the top ten featured above.

Perhaps 13 will bring back the vintage top tens?

One can only hope.

PS - EA should get cracking for the next Women's World Cup...

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