Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bro of the Weekend: Christian Watford

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Christian Watford is a bro of God who hails from Birmingham, Alabama, and it makes sense, because he might've turned himself into one with his game-winning three pointer in Bloomington against Kentucky Saturday night!

Well, at least Bro of the Weekend!

Watford's been killing it for quite some time, and this weekend it culminated full force.

According to his IU Hoosiers profile, Watford, who is now a sophomore at the aforementioned, incredibly basketball-storied institution, averaged 25 points, 13 boards, and killed it in the classroom with a 3.5 GPA his senior year at Shades Valley High School.

Not to mention he was rated the #4 small forward in the class of 2009 by the ESPNU 100 list committee, just one of his many attribute-worthy accolades.

If you check out his twitter, you'll find a few funny, light-hearted tweets, about 8,500 followers, and this picture:

Taken Saturday night, Watford's about to hit the most important jump shot of his life.

Here's how it played out from the back row:

Shout out to JimiMaher for the film.

Congratulations to IU for beating Kentucky, and to Christian Watford for earning his first career Bro of the Weekend honors!

Keep KTGin' man!

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Had to give Oladipo the honorable mention for this one:

"America, are you serious?" 

DV's still got it!

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