Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One of the Most Miraculous Plays in all of Football!

"They have to score on this play, or the game's over. Farmore's got three wide receivers to his left, and  two to the right. He takes the snap. There's only three men rushing for Millsaps. Farmore throws it over the middle complete to Thompson. Thompson, looking for a block. He err laterals it to Curry, and Curry laterals it again and it's caught again and, Tomlin, now on the lateral, and now the lateral to Thompson, and he laterals it back to Maddox on the other side - Maddox, looking for a block - he fakes the, he fakes the lateral to Curry, Now he laterals it to Curry. Curry's at the 49 yard line - he's dancing around, he throws it back now to Maddox, who throws it across the field to Farmore. Farmore lookin' to run, he's lookin' for a block, he's got a convoy, he's gunna throw it to Thompson, Thompson  at the 30 yard line. Thompson now laterals it back to Curry at the 35, they're running out of spaces - Curry fakes, he's gunna lateral it - GO! - to - GO! -Tomlin - RUN! - Tomlin's got a - GO - chance to go. Tomlin's gotta chance to run he laterals it - now it's gunna go to Maddox - Maddox, at the 30 yard line - and now, it's a lateral... NO WAY HE'S GOIN HE'S GOIN IT'S A TOUCHDOWN!!!

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