Monday, November 28, 2011

NBA Fire in Lieu of the Lockout, Part 18: The Answer

With the lockout ending and the NBA season officially starting on Christmas Day, this will sadly be the last edition of NBA Fire in Lieu of the Lockout (but much more NBA Fire is to come when the season gets underway). 

Nonetheless, what better way to end the dynasty that is NBA Fire with The Sportz Broz than with the boss of all bosses himself: Allen Iverson.

Iverson had a lethal combination of speed, skills, and killer instincts, pouring his heart and soul into the game every time he stepped on the court. Armed with one of the best crossovers of all time (only other player in his echelon is Tim Hardaway), Iverson terrorized opposing players throughout his lengthy career. 

Iverson not only impacted the game with his play, but also his look. He was one of the first players to take his "urbanized" style and bring it to the suburbs. 

His whole clothing and shoe line was aimed at urban youth. Everything Iverson donned became popular around America both in the urban and suburban communitie; whether it was a headband, arm sleeve, tattoos, cornrows, etc.

Think LeBron would be rockin a headband and tats without the influence of Iverson? 

 A pure scorer and competitor, it's a shame The Answer never got the one he was looking for: a ring.

 It's an even bigger travesty that no team will give him a shot to come off the bench and provide an offensive spark.



Until next the NBA Lockout, this is The Sportz Broz signing off.

Let's see some new 2011-2012 NBA Fire!

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