Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NBA Fire in Lieu of the Lockout, Part 17: The Franchise

Man, that's fire.

Stevie Franchise. This dude was the truth. Blessed with incredible hops, Francis was a highlight reel waiting to happen every time he stepped on the hardwood. Francis was fun to watch, his style of fast-paced play mixed with streetball style and moves, Franchise was a fan favorite and won over many during his prime years with the Rockets. 

Unfortunately his career fizzled out, but by no means should Francis be written off, he was a 3x All-Star and participated in some of the best dunk contests of all time, putting his 40+ inch bounce on display. A childhood favorite and a true bro, Steve Francis' addition to SPORTZBROZ was a must.

Witness The Franchise:

Would anyone care to go HAM?
Knicks legend, win or lose.
Thumbs up to you, Stevie, you just killed that NBA fire.

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