Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NBA Fire in Lieu of the Lockout, Part 16: J-Will tha 55

 Plain and simple Jason Williams was that dude.

With a knack for sick dimes and great handle, J-Will made for some incredible highlights and along with Chris Webber, was one of the main forces behind the entertaining Kings teams of the late '90s early '00s.

J-Will's tantalizing passes left multiple NBA broz without answers more often than not.
Granted, J-Bro'z penchant for flashy play led to many turnovers and his decision making at times was somewhat questionable, you can't argue that Jason Williams was one of the most fun players to watch during his prime.

He eventually tamed down his play and had one of the best assist to turnover ratios in the league, and later teamed up with Shaq and Dwayne Wade to win a ring with the Heat in 2005:


Fresh cut, fresh passes. J-Will lives by the code.

White Chocolate's career NBA statistics, courtesy of basketball-reference.com:
Click the pic for the high res version, my bro.

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  1. J-Will was who I tried to emulate every time I stepped on the court for my entire middle school back yard basketball career.

    Great post, p