Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a sad day in Sportz Court: Jolly cops six year sentence

The Associated Press reported yesterday that Johnny "My Only Friend Was Codeine" Jolly's struggles with addiction and consequent reckless stupidity have finally caught up to him. The end result: a six-year prison sentence. This was Jolly's third codeine-related charge in four years. After his previous charge gave him the chance to wipe the slate clean if he could keep himself that way, it ended as everyone probably thought - very poorly.

Six years in prison (he's actually eligible for parole after fourteen months) might seem a tad bit harsh, but it could be the only thing that keeps Jolly alive. Codeine is a prescription drug for a reason: it's clearly too awesome to have around all the time.

The real danger of drugs is not their one-time effects, nor even necessarily their long-term effects, but their obvious propensity for addiction. Granted, these are strongly connected properties, maybe the inseparable yin and yang. Crack, for one, is just cocaine purified, and its more pure pleasurable effects are why it is so addictive.

Houston native Jolly has likely known that first-hand his whole life. His parents were addicted to crack, though his mother has since rehabilitated herself. His entire life story and his more recent struggles were poignantly documented by ESPN in their Outside the Lines special, a very worthwhile viewing  for some perspective on his troubles.

Jolly has a good role model in his mother, and a long time to think about his many mistakes. Football was out of his future last year, in my eyes, but it's impossible to imagine otherwise now. With at least three years off the field upon his future release, unless he pulls a Michael Vick x2 (since he hasn't been in shape for the past year), Jolly has to find another path for himself. We can only hope it's a righteous one.

The days of Jolly not taking court serious have caught up with him ten fold.

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