Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aggregation of the Day: It's reigning law suits in NBA Land: Bloomberg Sports, AP

Aggregated from Bloomberg's

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The National Basketball Association was sued by New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony over claims the league conspired to force players to agree to a “massive reduction” in compensation, Bloomberg Sports reports.

The complaint in federal court in Oakland, California, was filed yesterday by Anthony and four other NBA athletes on behalf of all players under contract with the association. The class- action complaint names the 30 NBA member teams as defendants. A similar group lawsuit was filed against the league by Caron Butler of the Dallas Mavericks in federal court in Minneapolis.

Full story from Bloomberg Sports:
NBA Accused of Antitrust Violations as Lockout Standoff Heads for Courts

From the Associated Press' Brian Mahony - Published November 16, 2011:
NEW YORK — Locked-out NBA players including Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant filed class-action antitrust lawsuits against the league on Tuesday in at least two states, saying David Stern's ultimatums left them no other choice, the Associated Press reports.

Attorney David Boies, who represented the NFL during that sport's work stoppage and now has been brought aboard by basketball's players, said the NBA lockout violates antitrust laws by refusing to allow players to work.

Full story from the AP:
Kevin Durant among NBA players to file antitrust lawsuits against league

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