Monday, November 21, 2011

Broz of the Day: Landon Donovan, David Beckham, and @TheSoccerDon

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The first B of the D mention goes to Landon Donovan, who aside from battling Rogaine endorsement deals, has been battling with the fact that he isn't the best player in the MLS for the past five years. Last night during the 2011 MLS Cup Donovan set those antagonisms aside and played his role as Mr. Clutch, reminiscent of the World Cup 2010, as he netted a Messi-esque break-away chip shot into the lower-right corner of the goal to give LA their tenth 1-0 victory in a row.

Second B of the D is awarded to David Beckham, who has capped off a successful trip abroad to America with MLS Comeback Player of the Year honors and an MLS Cup title - what a way to close out a 5-year, $250M contract. Not to mention he held on to his wife. Bravo, Mr. Beckham.

Screen shot ESPN

And last but certainly not least, Bro of the Day is awarded to The Soccer Don, aka Don Garber. The Montclair, NJ resident presided over the David Beckham deal with great swagger and professionalism. He has done a fantastic job developing the modern era of MLS soccer into a five-star retirement home for European greats. The LA Galaxy winning last night was not only a win for the west coast, but a win for American soccer in general.

SBz side note: Those advertisements around the perimeter of the field, overdoing it?

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