Friday, November 11, 2011

"Daly," Australian for "Bro of the Day"

Johnny's lookin' good, ain't he? The Ausie shorts do him well!

John Daly ... pictured playing at The Lakes Golf Course in Mascot, in the
lead up to the Australian Open Golf Tournament. Picture: 

John spent his yesterday drawing Tin Cup comparisons by hitting seven balls into a pond during the Australian Open, and then proceeding to drop out of the tournament altogether:

"Daly was 7 over after 10 holes in the first round after becoming upset with a ruling on the 10th that penalized him two strokes. He casually putted out on the 10th and took a triple-bogey 7.

On the 11th, he hit ball after ball into the water, some landing in the center of the pond, before a tour official joined him. Moments later, Daly shook hands with playing partners Craig Parry and Hunter Mahan and walked off the course." -- AP

Bro of the Day status has never been so obvious.

"Daly," Australian for Bro of the Day


Tiger Woods is actually in first place after Day 1 of the aforementioned down-under open championship. It's the first time Eldrick finds himself on top of a professional golf leader board since he failed to maintain his Sunday Masters first-place status.

Keep up the good work Eldrick! We'll be watching up top!

Tiger Woods tees off on the second hole during the first round of the Australian Open golf tournament in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday. (AP Photo)

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