Monday, November 7, 2011

Bro of the Day: Eli Manning


Much to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman's dismay, Eli Manning earned his first career Bro of the Day honors Sunday afternoon with what was possibly the gutsiest performance of the NFL season so far, pulling the G-Men to a 24-20 victory over Tom Brady and his three white dwarfs.

Eli's 250 passing yards, and 2 touchdowns, including a game-winning drive with just 1:36 left on the clock, capped by a one-yard TD reception by recent-bloomer Jake Ballard, enabled him to murder the game to excellence, and solidify Bro of the Day status.

Ballard, going kray in the 4th quarter, advances his team into opposition's territory.

*Bro of the Day Honorable Mention: The New York Marathon

Runners traverse the Verrazano Bridge Sunday morning.

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