Thursday, November 3, 2011

Albert Pujols: Let the Games Begin:

Officially, and for the first time in his professional career, Albert Pujols is not a member of the Cardinals organization, free to sign with any other Major League team. It's a right he hasn't possessed since St. Louis drafted and signed him in 1999.
Same goes for Prince Fielder and the Brewers, who drafted him in 2002, and Jose Reyes and the Mets, who signed him out of the Dominican Republic in 1999.
They're all truly free now, although they won't come cheaply, wherever they land.
Much more from's John Schlegel: Pujols officially playing the field for first time

Is that the Rock? No, that's the best MLB free agent in decades.

Who would you acquire, Jose or Prince? Buddy Bean, your thoughts?

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