Friday, October 7, 2011

Tiger Woods replaces Ex-wife with Rolex watches, possible happy endings

Eldrick Woods lost his Gatorade, AT&T, Tag Heuer, Gillette, Accenture and Golf Digest sponsors within days of his sexting scandal hitting the headlines.

"Only last month an Ipsos Mori poll of celebrities and brands showed that Woods is the riskiest brand ambassador. Almost a quarter (23%) of those in the US and 19% of respondents in the UK said that Tiger Woods’ antics made them consider stopping buying products that he endorses, more than any other celebrity." (MarketingWeek)

Yesterday morning I read in AM New York that Tiger finally nabbed a new sponsorship: Rolex.

While you probably have already heard the news, I still had to do a brief tribute post to Eldrick, for it is he who held golf in the palm of his hand for over a decade (to bad he also had an iPhone in his palm. #RIPSteve)

So congrats, Tiger, on your latest and newest endorsement, perhaps this is the beginning of a happy ending...

Who wouldn't like to see Tiger get his life together?
If this watch doesn't put you in a good mood, get off this blog, and never come back.

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