Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NBA Fire in Lieu of the Lockout, Part 15: Penny Loafers

When it comes to "what-could-have-been" scenarios in the NBA, one that always comes to mind here at the round table of SBz is the story of Penny Hardaway.

Penny had one of the best all around games ever, and his first few seasons in the league really showcased what could have been one of the greatest talents the NBA had ever seen. In our humble opinion, Penny might've had as good a skill set as Jordan, and honestly might have been more athletic than Mr. Six Rings...

Tragically, nature's course took its toll on Penny, as injuries held Hardaway back from reaching his true potential.

His immense talents never came to fruition; NBA enthusiasts are forever stuck arguing the "what-could-have-been" story of Penny Hardaway:

Hardaway's incredible court vision, and great handle
enabled him to merk more than a few broz
 (Hakeem the Dream in this shot) 
during his short-lived prime.

Going HAM ten years prior to the term.

Penny is a SLAM Mag don Juan:

Not to mention: Penny is the designer of our Fire Kicks of the Week:

"FoamPosite 1's: The Cough Drops - throw down $220 at least for these...if you're lucky
enough to find them in stores. Otherwise, $300 minimum." - jerome

"The Pine Green FoamPosite Proz - those have the check on 'em, so at least $190 retail, but these are upwards of $300 online, due to the nuanced color scheme that is set to a veteran, augmented model frame (Notice the larger NIKE Check near the heel)." - jerome

-The Slimes ought not to be written about-

As you can see, not only was Penny an incredible basketball talent, he also had one of the most fire signature shoe collections of all time, including the NIKE FoamPosites (pictured above) which have made a resurgence in the past year. 

A pic worth clicking.

Penny Hardaway Classic NBA Fire Hoighloights in Lieu of the Lockout:

#takenotes, #allhail

We'll never know what could have been...

At least Penny'll make a living off those fire kicks!

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