Monday, October 10, 2011

NBA Fire in Lieu of the Lockout, Part 13: Derek Fisher's 2007 late-game heroics

His third tweet down reminded me of the Game 2 Jazz vs.Warriors 2007 NBA Playoff Fire, when Derek entered the game after attending his daughter's eye-cancer removal surgery to lead his team to an OT victory off the bench:

At the end of the day, there's no way he's putting bball over his daughter - his eyes are her eyes. (Plaschke)

This might be the most fire NBA Fire in Lieu of the Lockout ever.

After spending nearly a week in the hospital with his newborn baby daughter, who had at the time been diagnosed with cancer behind her eye, and had to undergo surgery, NBPA President Derek Fisher made a late-game appearance. He flew in from New York where his daughter had surgery that very morning, got a police escort to the arena, put on his uniform, and without warming up at all, Fisher entered the game, and murdered to a tee:

The classic recap and box score: Fisher arrives in third quarter, sparks Jazz to OT victory

Nice suit, bro. Keep up the hard work with the Lockout.

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