Thursday, October 13, 2011

I still believe "The Dream Team" can and will fly: Eagles

Before the season, I went back and forth between the Redskins and the Eagles trying to predict the winner of the NFC East. Eventually, Philly was my decision and believe it or not, I am sticking with them.

I know, I know, Washington is in first and Philly is in last heading into this weekend’s showdown at FedEx Field, but this is going to be the game that turns Philly’s season around.

If the Eagles pull out the victory this Sunday, they will be 1-1 in the Division heading into their bye week. Not only would they be .500 in the division, but their confidence and overall team morale will get a much needed boost before heading into a three-game homestand against Dallas (2-2), Chicago (2-3) and Arizona (1-4), games which are very winnable for the “Dream Team.”

Gerald Sensabough catches Jason Avant's back
drift into the endzone. (Barbara Johnston photos)
If you consider stats, 2011 has not been all negative for Philly: the squad has not scored less than 24 points in any game so far and is eighth in passing yards, first in rushing yards and seventh in pass defense amongst the League. On the flip side, however, they lead the league in interceptions lost (nine) and are 30th in opponents rushing yards per game allowing just over 140 defensively.

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that the Eagles need to cut down on turnovers to give the defense their needed rest and as a result get back to their winning ways under head coach Andy Reid.

According to reports, earlier this week wide receiver Jason Avant called a player’s-only meeting, and according to middle linebacker Jamar Chaney the team agreed “to stress sticking together and to reinforce the notion that the Eagles have the talent to work their way out of their dreadful 1-4 start.”

This season for Philly is still young, no pun intended, so I expect Vick to work out the kinks in his game and lead Philly into the postseason.

A win over Washington is just what they need to regain the confidence they had after week one.