Monday, October 17, 2011

Eric LeGrand: 1 year removed from the tragic day and still trucking

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Since we began writing this glorious sportz blog about a year ago, we have followed lots of active sports stories and players.

And along the way, we have gotten ourselves involved in some sweet-to-say-the-least sports-writing gigs:,,, Sports Law School Club Presidencies - this is just the beginning, hopefully, as we go forward.

In the process of murdering the sportz journalism game, we have written about all the big names.  Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan, Brett Favre, Wayne Rooney, Leo Messi, Marqus Blakely, just about every Major League Baseball player you can name (seriously try us - we've got copy in one form or another), the list is ever-building.

And though we have written about so many amazing players who excell in their sports, perhaps the most interesting player we'll ever come across is former Rutgers' football player, Eric LeGrand.

By now everyone should know the story of how Eric tragically became paralyzed last October when he was pursuing an Army return-man, and suffered a devastating spinal injury.  He's been battling to retain movement ever since at the Kessler Institute in Orange, NJ.

Just in case you don't know the backdrop, here are a few links to stories we've written about Eric in the past:

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The Road to RecoverE: Eric LeGrand checks in with the Yankees, continues to recover

Eric LeGrand speaks to Jersey City Middle School children

Just last week, The AP released their latest take: A year later, LeGrand has reason to believe

On top of his motivational speaking, E has landed his first
announcing/commentating gig with Rutgers University,
where he still takes online classes.

I remember the day I first heard Eric's name. I was watching the game on Oct. 16th, 2010 - the day he got injured.  As he laid there on the ground, I remember thinking to myself... damn, this looks really bad, he might never walk again. The news broke out later that week that Eric was indeed paralyzed from the neck down.

We've all been injured badly, we've all gone under the knife, we've all gotten knocked out of games, had our seasons ended, careers halted forever, it always comes at the worst time...

Although Eric was dealt about as bad a hand as God can deal, he keeps moving forward, attending many fundraisers and speaking to schools of kids on a regular basis.

We were fortunate enough to meet Eric in person last week at one of his motivational speeches in New Jersey, and we asked him some low-key questions:


We at the sportz broz will continue to follow Eric's road to recoverE, for his story is truly amazing.


PS - Did you know Eric has accumulated over 22 thousand twitter followers without touching a single key? It's all done with his voice-controlled typing software.  Truly amazing...

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