Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sept. 24 Global Boxing Series Show cancelled indefinitely due to 'zoning issues'

The Sept. 24 Global Boxing Series event, set to host North Bergen's finest boxing competitors, and upwards of 500 spectators at the Global Boxing arena, has been canceled indefinitely due to zoning issues.

According to the North Bergen town spokesman, Philip Swibinski, Global Boxing Gym is in violation of several important zoning issues, which spurred the cancellation:

"The Global Boxing Gym's property currently lacks several important features necessary to be zoned for assembly use, including adequate parking, fire exits, sprinkler system and more. It would be unsafe and irresponsible to allow it to operate as an arena without the proper safety precautions in place."

When a zoning issue such as this occurs in North Bergen, the owners of the suspended property can petition the Zoning Board of Adjustment to be informed of what corrective actions would have to be taken for a zoning change to be granted.

And that is exactly what the Global Boxing Gym, owned by the well-known Hudson County entrepreneur Mariusz Kolodziej, is doing.

"There are laws for a reason, and it is extremely important to protect residents' safety during events like this, but we feel terrible for the fighters, the fans, and we are taking action and making strides towards finding a resolution, which starts with reapplying and filing a petition," said Global Boxing CEO Mariusz Kolodziej's spokesman in an official statement Thursday morning.

"We are very sorry that we have to cancel the show on such short notice, but we hope to resolve this issue with the town so we can bring high quality boxing entertainment to the fans in Hudson County," said Kolodziej.

In the meantime, all tickets can be returned for a full refund at Global Boxing Gym.

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