Thursday, September 29, 2011


BRO, SB-starter pdubs has been putting in serious work at SLAM Online aka SNAP your favorite DJ's favorite basketball website. His latest thrashing is subjected around The People's Champion and hands-down NBA Lockout MVP of the summer, Kevin Durant.

Enjoy this aggregation, and make sure to follow up by checking out the entire article at, broz.


What Kevin Durant has done this summer has been simply phenomenal. He’s taken his skills to another level and, perhaps, become the NBA’s most popular and marketable star. (At the least, he’s one of them.)

He has become a man for the people, not afraid to rub elbows the same folks who ball on some of the most rugged courts in the country. Like Paul Wall, Durant had the Internet going nuts with an endless stream of highlights and incredible moments that have led him to truly become The People’s Champ...

Full article from SLAM Online official: Dear Summer: Kevin Durant

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