Saturday, September 10, 2011

NFL Divisional Predictions (This is what's going to happen, bro)


North - Baltimore Ravens
Most people may disagree with this pick.  Everyone knows the Steelers have recently won the Superbowl, they have won the division four times in the last eight years, they finally have Troy Polamalu and Aaron Smith back and ready to go, head coach Mike Tomlin, who is in a contract year, is "the man," and Ben Rothlesberger is out to prove Eminem, along with everyone else, that he rapes football games, not 19-year-olds.

But one man stands in the way....the 2011 overall fantasy number one pick, Ray Rice.

(One minute mark, Eminem's first lyric)

S/o to Geo for putting me up on this track.

South - Tennessee Titans
The Titans are going to win this division based on the strength of Matt Hasselback. For the first time in his career, Hasselback will be working with a top five receiver and running back in the NFL at the same time in Kenny Britt and Chris Johnson, respectively.  Look for Kenny "on-the-run" Britt to live up to the name and scoop at least 1,100 yards, and CJ53 to kill it again.  Johnson finally got paid (53 million bucks non-guaranteed) his dues, which will relieve some stress for him and his family, thus leading to his return to the peak of NFL running backs, and a division win for the Titans. A lot of people think the Texans will win this year, but I'd still give the division to the Colts second after the Titans.

East - New York Jets
After going to the AFC Championship game twice over the past two seasons, in their franchise QB's rookie and sophomore seasons, it's go time for Rex Ryan's loud-mouthed green monsters.  The signing of Plax Burress, combined with finally ridding themselves of the unnecessary playbook distraction that is having Brad Smith on your team, resigning Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromartie, and FINALLY knowing that their home games won't be played in Giants Stadium will all help the Jets focus their sites on crushing the game of the AFC race.  The "Giselification" of Tom Brady (he's the new men's face of Uggs) and the new-town-living Chad Bro 85 will cause too many distractions for the Pats.

West - Denver Broncos
This may be the toughest division to pick of all.  Every team in this division is in a serious rebuilding period.  Coin flipped this one.


North – Green Bay Packers
The Bears will give the Pack a run for their money, but this team is too solid on both sides of the ball.  The loss of offensive lineman Daryn Colledge and defensive end Cullen Jenkins will be felt, but the Packers offense is still the best in the division and will be boosted by the return of Jermichael Finley and Ryan Grant, who both missed a large amount of last season. Keep an eye out for rookie receiver Randall Cobb, out of Kentucky, who looks to be yet another weapon for Mr. Rodgers. Not to mention they already won a game:

South – Atlanta Falcons
ATL lost to the Packers in the playoffs last year after a 13 – 3 regular season.  Matt Ryan had a lethal amount of weapons around him, throw in new addition Julio Jones and the Dirty Birds are a lock for another division title.  Oh yeah, don’t forget about free agent acquisition Ray Edwards, dude is a certified game killer. 
Oh, he's free, and he's coming to get you in the Playoffs.

East – Philadelphia Eagles
I wanted to pick the Redskins here so bad.  They will make the playoffs, but the Eagles are taking the conference crown.  Vick looked shady at times in the preseason, but that's natural.  Fortunately for Philly fanatics the defense looks like it is ready to kill the game, literally.  Back to Vick, he has too many weapons around him on offense to not succeed.  Don’t give them the Lombardi Trophy yet though…
Kobe knows what's good.

West – Arizona Cardinals
The West is by far the weakest Division in the NFC and it is very probable that the winner will have a below .500 record.  However, Kevin Kolb is a winner and will perform in Zona the same way he did in Philly.  Larry Fitz continues to be one of the top receivers in the league and back Beanie Wells holds his own.  There is no doubt this team can put points on the board, however their defense is what will make or break them come post season time. 
Need I say more?


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  1. The Chargers are going to walk the AFC West.

    Broncos will go 6-10.