Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NBA Fire In Lieu of the Lockout, Part 12: Barkley the Baller

BRO, some people only know Barkley for his incredible TV personality and horrendous golf swing, but on the realest of real talks, he was an absolute beast during his playing days. 

Despite his 6'6" stature, Sir Charles was never scared to go hard in the paint , establishing himself early in his career as one of the most feared and respected players in all the league during what most people refer to as the Golden Era of the NBA. 

Witness the realness as he crushes the game against the Bulls on separate occasions, and forever on YouTube:

Watch as Charles catches Scottie Pipbro with some stout defense:

And then as he solidifies his elite status, spinning off Jordan, and yamming with ease:

Damn bro, if that didn't just resemble some classic NBA fire in lieu of the lockout this isn't 

Killing the game, hand-in-hand.

Seriously, no one can deny the fact that as a baller, Barkley was smooth - snatching up rebounds, playing hard-nosed defense, 100% leaving it all on the floor day in and day out...

Not to mention he had some of the most devastating dunks of all time:

It's a travesty that he never won a ring (Marinitus), but being inducted into the SPORTZBROZ Hall of Fame is way more of an accomplishment than winning a ring anyway.

Barkley's career stats as seen on

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