Friday, September 23, 2011

NBA Fire In Lieu of the Lockout, Part 11: Big Game James lands a spot in The Sportz Broz Hall of Fame

In discussing the greatest NBA players of all time, James Worthy is sometimes left out of the conversation, not because of his game, but because of the players by which he was surrounded.

Arguably the key piece of the Showtime Laker dynasty of the '80s, Worthy shined when it mattered most and always came through in the clutch. Nicknamed "Big Game James" for a reason, he was the quintessential and consummate team player who was never concerned with individual stats - just winning rings with and for his teammates.

Big Game James excelled in the clutch, and was a master of team play, so it's no wonder he's reserved himself a spot in the SPORTZBROZ Hall of Fame....the only Hall of Fame that matters.

Classiest Top 10 of all time? Quite possibly, yes.

Murdering the game of snapshots, and stat-slots.

"Nothing short of magnificent."-Dick Stockton

A fully-focused BRO to say the least.

#52 in UNC blue (en route to the National Championship MVP)

Always right smack in the middle of things. 

Cheers to James Worthy, welcome to TheSportzBroz Hall of Fame.

JW's career stats as seen on (click to enlarge the view, brah):


  1. Sam Perkins lookin real suspect on that SI cover

  2. Man, he destroyed Maxwell on that dunk.

  3. perk might be stealing the show of this entire post with that pose