Thursday, September 15, 2011

NBA Fire In Lieu of the Lockout, Part 10: Hakeem the Dream

Possibly the best picture of all time.

The Nigerian born center originally had dreams of playing soccer for his country, but fortunately he discovered basketball, grew seven feet, and proceeded to murder the game during the 80's and 90's.

In my opinion, he's the best center of all time. Dude played against better competition than Wilt, was more graceful and a better scorer than Shaq, and has a better all around skill set than Kareem (damn, the Lakers have really been running the NBA at the 5 spot for decades).

Olajuwon averaged 21 pts, 11 boards,  and 2.5 dimes a game over his career. He also had the best foot work of any C ever to grace the hardwood, highlighted by his famous and signature move the "Dream Shake."

Two Rings, two Finals MVPs, one Regular Season MVP and complete destruction of The Admiral David Robinson in the '95 Conference Finals define Olajuwon as a legend and an official SPORTZBRO Hall of Famer.

America, fuck yeah.

33, 34, need I say more?

Rodman taking notes.

Posterizing the poster king with ease.

A true mac in the game.


  1. His top ten might be the best of all time

  2. Hakeem is good but is he really the best center of all time? I don't know about that....

  3. @ Michael Jordan
    In my opinion, yes he is the greatest, but that really depends on your criterion. As far as rings are concerned, that honor goes to Bill Russell. Sheer dominance? Undoubtedly Wilt. However, Hakeem's overall skill set trumped both - just look at what he did to David Robinson, one of the greatest defensive centers of all time, he ate him alive (pause). Even Shaq recently went on record saying that Hakeem was the only player he could not handle in his time. If it wasn't for Michael Jordan (you?) and poor management, The Dream definitely would have won more rings, not as many as Russell, but at least enough to fill one hand.