Friday, September 23, 2011

Michael Boley spikes Giants intern Ryan Brown in the face, achieves YouTube greatness

Since his 2005 Rookie season with the Atlanta Falcons, 6'3, 230 lbs Giants LB Michael Boley has recorded 400 solo tackles, or, "hits," in his NFL career.

But Boley has managed to excel in another form of "hits" this week...YouTube hits.

In just five days, Michael Boley's touchdown celebration video, in which he spikes a football at an interns face, went viral, cruising past the one million hit mark on YouTube.

And still counting...

And obviously with any great YouTube achievement comes a slew of equally-awesome comments:

1) "He was trying to throw it over the cameraman for a dramatic shot. There's a reason he isn't a quarterback.

After the game he apologized and hugged the guy, who was an intern for the Giants. He went in for a second hug when the intern lauched a quick left hook and then with a devastating right hand, knocking him to the canvas and was crowned the new welterweight champion"  

-YouTube user Yankeez (93 thumbs-ups)

2) "Better aim than Eli ..."  

-YouTube user jimi2142 (20 thumbs-ups)

3) "That intern got MAYWEATHERED!"  

-YouTube user phaedon (no thumbs-ups - but nonetheless, this might be the best comment yet)

Okay that's enough from the YouTube dwellers, thanks guys.

Boley skips to the endzone, right before he spikes Ryan Brown
in the puss. (OKAY this is from the Panthers game but still -
he's definitely skipping!
So, when my editor asked me to do a piece on the Michael Boley YouTube video sensation because it had just reached one million hits in its first week, I got to thinking - how does Michael Boley's career hits on and off the field compare to other recent instant-classic multimedia NFL hit makers?

When considering the likes of future NFL Hall-of-Famer Ray Lewis, Boley's 400 solo tackles is moderately impressive compared to the Great Raven's 700+ solo hits through his first six seasons.

But when compared to Ray Lewis' most famous YouTube moment, his thunderously inspiring pregame speech at Elon University (175,000 career YouTube hits - uploaded by ElonDT), Boley's got him beat outright. Granted Mr. Lewis has millions of YouTube hits from various highlight clips and media appearances, which probably evens the score.

And what about Bart Scott of the Jets? The infamously-outspoken middle linebacker's famous "Can't Wait" speech spurred millions of YouTube hits in its first week, much similar to Boley's attempt.

But Boley's NFL solo hits mark of 400 sets him apart from Bart, as Scott only had recorded 250 solo tackles through his first six NFL seasons...

So, bravo to Mr. Boley, I say! You've drawn relevant player comparisons, and you've made a household name for yourself!

Now go out next week and do it again...just please do the interns a favor and try to contain your "hits" to Michael Vick and the Eagles - for they might be a tad bit more elusive than Ryan Brown:

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