Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HumpDayDoppelgangerz: J. Cole v. Michael Beasley

Whether this incredible duo of doppel is releasing his brand new album at night clubs in Manhattan, or mushing hecklers in the Bronx, one thing is always for certain - he's killing the game:

Michael Beasley v. J. Cole

In an incredible feat of musical time-killing, this dynamic look-alike has managed to use his NBA Lockout free time to keep his game on point in NYC street leagues, and record a charts-topping mega album with Rocafella Records. The Sportz Broz hats are tipped to BZ Cole's recent work.

Kudos on your album release J. Brole - though at times it's too stressful to listen to,
this song is pretty good:

 Notice the cross under the bench, but not on his chain - artsy brah.

And now for the Mush of Beaze:

Don't get it twisted, I was once mushed at a soccer practice and ended up in the chiropractor (thanks Geo).  That mush came to be known as the "mush from hell."

This mush wasn't as severe physically, but the message was certainly sent, along with the hecklers face, to the back row, rendering it at least 10x more effective from a mental standpoint.


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