Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Erik Bedard got served last night...for real

Quoted from The New York Times:

An announcement to overzealous New Yorkers wishing to meddle in the affairs of the despised Red Sox:

The ante has been upped. Yahoo's Big League Stew got to the bottom of a report first issued by the Post about Tom Cabral, employee of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court and diehard Yankees fan.

Cabral was tasked with serving child support papers to Red Sox pitcher Erik Bedard.

Cabral himself describes an amicable, appropriately subdued delivery of the legal documents, though there's a bit more to the story. For one, Cabral performed his duties in a Yankees T-shirt. For two, he posted giddy updates on Facebook throughout the entire process. Third, and most impressively, he managed to serve Bedard hours before a scheduled start against the Orioles, reportedly at the insistence of Bedard's ex-girlfriend.

Bedard ended up lasting only 2 2/3 innings in a loss, for what it's worth.

AP Photo from last night's horrific outing.


  1. Baseball is still being played?

  2. Yes, it's actually turned into quite a season for 2011 - except for Mets fans of course