Monday, September 26, 2011

CBS's 48 Hour Mystery segment reveals new opinions about Arturo Gatti's death investigation (damn, bro, that's deep)

Recently, CBS's "48 Hours Mystery" show aired a segment focusing on whether former Jersey City resident Artuto Gatti committed suicide, as Brazilian authorities say, or if he was murdered, as most of his friends say.

At first, CBS released an embedment, so the video was posted on this blog.

Since then, they have pulled back the embedment (possible intern canoodling) and so here is the link to the video:

Arturo Gatti's last fight

AP Phot0

 Arturo Gatti celebrates after defeating Gianluca Branco of Italy for the WBC junior welterweight championship on Jan. 24, 2004. Authorities in Brazil labeled his July 11, 2009 death a suicide, but investigators now say he did not commit suicide.

One of the people Gatti was especially close with, Mario Costa, owner of the Ringside Lounge in Jersey City, says on the show that he believes Gatti committed suicide, disagreeing with the recent investigations.

Gatti's brother, Joe, is also interviewed for the show. Joe says his brother was heavily into drugs and alcohol.

The show also shows still photos of Gatti's body on the floor of the vacation villa in Brazil after his death, a pool of blood also visible.

His wife, Amanda Rodriguez, is interviewed extensively and she swears that she did not kill him -- he must have committed suicide.

I don't know if this bro committed suicide or not, but he used to GO IN for the crew in his day. RIP.

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