Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bill Plaschke: It's fun watching the Red Sox lose

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Back in 2004, when the Red Sox had not won a championship in forever, they crawled to the World Series on the bony fingers of need. This time, two titles and millions of payroll dollars later, those hands are heavy with rings, soft with entitlement, dropping everything in sight. Once America’s beloved underdogs, the Red Sox have become America’s insufferable winners, and I’m loving it that they are being reminded of the difference.

I’m loving watching Boston Manager Terry Francona literally run out of the back of the dugout Wednesday night after the Red Sox blew another game with another ace on the mound in a 6-4 loss to the sorry Baltimore Orioles...

Full story from The LA Times:
Bill Plaschke: It's fun watching the Red Sox lose 

And for complete highlights of the O's shelling the Sox:, Official Site of the Baltimore Orioles

Watching Mark Reynolds crush two shots off Beckett was horrifying, and
all too familiar. And is it just me, or is Josh getting fat in the face?
Either way, last night was not a good look.

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