Sunday, August 14, 2011

In Lieu of the NBA Lockout Sportz BroZ Presents: Classic NBA Foire Part Seven

Congratulations are due to Chris Mullin and Dennis Rodman who were both inducted to the NBA Hall of Fame on Saturday...

Maybe I was turned off by the buzz cut, but i never paid much attention to Mullin’s game, damn i was sleeping. His accolades speak for themselves, he was a champion on every level, and the guy’s work ethic was unmatched.

Known more for his persona than his game to many, Rodman was the consummate team player and routinely changed the outcomes of games with his tenacity and will. Peep the love Jordan gives him at 1:42. 5 Rings plus he bagged Carmen Electra at her peak, true definition of a SPORTZ BRO.

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