Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In Case People are Sick of Listening to the Talking Heads: Stevie Williams

SBz invites you to formulate your own opinions:

We've all had a few days to think about what Steve Williams said about Tiger Woods.

Here's the recap, and interview once more:

Going in? I think yes.  Also worth noting: I had no idea this Bro was from down under.  Funny how the evil Sith Lord that has become Tiger Woods never let his main minion voice himself all those years. Obviously, the first tournament without Tiger that Stevie wins he opens his mouth, and obviously he has words for Tiger! Good stuff, Stevie, really, brilliant.

And speaking of golf, wasn't there some to be played and won this past weekend?

Adam Scott won, we believe.

Who is the real Adam Scott, anyway?

Ohhhh, that's that guy's name?  I'm sure most of the people reading this already knew that...no?

Alas, here's our bro:

Wait, so there was a golf tournament this weekend, or there wasn't a golf tournament this weekend?



PS: Congrats to Adam Scott for finally backing up all those Titleist commercial gigs (Adam's the guy closing it out, wearing a red shirt and a black hat...ironic)

Simmer down

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