Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HumpDayDoppelgangerz: Garreth Bale v Kenneth McEvoy

My doppelganger contribution has been spotty recently but I have been saving some gems. This one, Gareth Bale and Kenneth McEvoy, is pretty damn amazing. I know what you're thinking, this is a picture of the same person but you would be incorrect in that assumption. Gareth Bale is the 22 year old Welsh international winger who became known to Europe last year when he dismantled Inter Milan and scored a hat trick in the dying moments of a Champions League group stage game. Kenneth McEvoy is currently known for nothing other than looking like Garreth Bale. He is a 17 year old Irish Midfielder who has a dome hair cut and rosy red cheeks. Freakishly, they both play for Tottenham and were both noticed by Harry Redknapp. I think that Ole Harry must have something for tall, dark, and lanky midfielders...or maybe he is planning some kinky ménage à trois.

Garreth Bale v Kenneth McEvoy


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