Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bro of the Day: Fred Couples

The Presidents Cup Captain has always given Tiger Woods the benefit of the doubt, and now it seems as though Couples is willing to break his back once more for the fallen-from-grace super star bro. In making the below-quoted public statements from, Freddie is not only being a great friend and bro for Brother Eldrick, he is providing inspiration and motivation for all American golfers who wish to be selected to the Presidents Cup team. For that brave brodom, Boom Boom has earned himself his first ever B of the D award:

A true captain brings out the best in his players, let's see if Tiger can respond

Freddie clearly wants his Toiger-bro on the squad:

"I really want him on the team based on my opinion that he's been the best player for 10 straight years," Couples told reporters Wednesday during a news conference. "I don't think you can push him down because he's not playing maybe as well as 20 other guys that could be picked. A couple of times I've been picked for a Presidents Cup or a Ryder Cup, and sometimes that's just the way it falls."

But not without paying his proper due diligence:

"I'm the captain, and he wants to be on the team," Couples said. "This is my chance to hold my rank above him one time. And I'm going to do it. Look, he has carried this tour for a long time. If somebody looks at it wrong, if I end up picking him, which I probably will, they would be crazy. He doesn't want to go there and lose. He hates to lose. So he's going to do his best. But I've got to push him to play a little bit so he'll do a little better."

Spoken like a true captain.

To read the full article on Freddie and Tiger's recent happenings from, click here, bro. quotes were taken from Bob Harig, who is the man, and covers golf for

. . .

Now that Fred Couples has received his first Bro of the Day honors, it's only right that we show Boom Boom some YouTube respect:

Bro of the Day. Boom Boom.

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