Sunday, July 24, 2011

Top Five NFL Broz on the Move When the League "Unlocks"

With reports looming that the players will ratify the CBA on Monday, let’s look at the top five NFL Broz who will be on the move… 

#5 - Plaxico Burress

It is obvious that Plax will be on the move after his stay in the pen, but I felt it would be disrespectful to not include him on the list.  I still think the former Super Bowl champ has what it takes to make a difference for any championship contender on the field.  Unfortunately for me (and any other Dolphins fan) rumors say the Jets are leading the race to land the Virginia native.  This would undoubtedly give the Jets what they need on offense to get back to the AFC Championship game. 

#4 - Donovan McNabb

McNabb was benched the last three games of the season last year and Coach Shanahan looks set in his decision to move forward without the former NFC champion.  Rumors have recently surfaced that Miami is looking into McNabb to compete with Chad Henne as the starter.  Both have their pros and definitely have their cons, but a little competition is never a bad thing.  Regardless of where D-Mic lands it is clear that he won’t be suiting up for the skins any longer. 

A team would be crazy not to take McNabb, right?

#3 - Randy Moss
After spending last season with three teams it looks as if Moss will be suiting up for yet another squad this year.  There have been reports that Moss is killing it this off-season working two a days at his home in West Virginia.  Randy is already nasty so with full commitment and dedication he could once again be an unstoppable receiver in the NFL, with huge IF’s being if he lands on the right squad with the right QB and coach, because at the end of the day he is still the head case that is Randy Moss.

Moss is all smiles at the thought of signing with a contender.

#2 - Nnamdi Asomugha

I disagree with spending big time money on defensive backs, but this guy garners a ton of attention and is mentioned with the likes of Darelle Revis and Champ Bailey - arguably the two most game changing corners the last two decades.  Tons of teams have discussed landing the four time pro bowler from U-Cal which represents how he kills the game on the field.  Since 2003, Nnamdi has 11 interceptions and over 300 tackles for the black and silver.  Whoever lands this shutdown corner will benefit tremendously.  Recent rumors have the Jets and Ravens as front runners which should disturb any NFL fan outside of New York and B-More. 

"Mind on my money, money on my mind"

#1 - Kevin Kolb

Kolb has answered the call throughout his career when the Eagles needed him and now looks to get his shot at being number one on the depth chart elsewhere.  After getting together with Larry Fitzgerald, who is also said to have suggested Kolb to the Arizona front office, the Cardinals look like front runner to land the Houston alumni.  Personally I think the addition of Kolb would make that team a front runner in the NFC west which was won by Seattle last year with a 7 – 9 record. 

"I'm outta here"

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