Friday, July 29, 2011

Superbowl-Bound Eagles Just Got a Lot More AWESOMUGHA

Spread those wings, Nnamdi.

Asante ought to stay put. He's
a lot more entertaining as an Eagle.
If the Eagles weren’t surging to the tops of everyone’s Superbowl pick lists yesterday, they sure are now. Nnamdi Asomugha, the white hot cornerback formerly of Al Davis’s dungeon aka the Oakland Raiders, is now soaring in Philly. He signed a five-year, $60 million contract. That’s right: Asomugha, Asante Samuel, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, all three Pro Bowlers, are on the Eagles. (Granted, Asomugha’s signing has prompted the Eagles back office to “entertain” offers for Asante, according to

Asomugha was the most sought after free agent of the year, and the second the lockout ended, rumors abound of where he’d end up. Would it be the Jets, teaming with Darrell Revis and Antonio Cromartie in a triumvirate that could shutdown Iran’s anti-air guns? Maybe the new backbone of the Cowboys? Or the 49ers, right across the bay? Instead, out of what seemed like the clear blue sky, Asomugha wound up on the team with one of the best off-seasons so far.

There's nothing to joke about here. This is legitimately sad. I only
hope Vince Young can overcome his troubles and make Vick Proud.

Like most of the NFL, Philly has had a whirlwind week: a couple days ago they picked up sack-master and deserved Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Babin from the Titans, then the young and solid corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie from Arizona (in a trade for Philly’s former backup QB, Kevin Kolb), and earlier today, the angsty youth, Vince Young. Vick could be the only man to show Vince the way, especially if VY still wants to be “the next black quarterback to win a Superbowl.” (For now, I think he’ll settle with the next black quarterback to play when Mike Vick gets a concussion.)

Doug Williams: The Only Black Superbowl-Winning QB

Speaking of black QBs, this shocked me. Only one black quarterback has ever won a Superbowl: DOUG WILLIAMS of the ’87 Redskins. And he was a backup that played when the starter got injured, until they chose him to take the helm during the playoffs, where he dominated and won the Superbowl XXII MVP award. The only black QBs to even play in a Superbowl since have been the late, great Steve McNair and Donovan McNabb, two… Irish guys?

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
already knows how to fly.

Nevertheless, the Eagles are poised to destroy the NFC East, if not the entire NFC, if not the entire NFL, if not the entire world. And this is coming from a diehard Packers fan. I just can’t hate the Eagles, even after “4th and 26.” Now that Philadelphia has the (second) best #21 in the league, plus DCR, still Asante Samuel, and Jason Babin, what’s going to stop them? If anything, it’ll just be that Eagles curse, where they always look great every year and everyone’s hyped, then they start sluggish, then pick up and kick ass, then choke at a key moment.

And Jason Babin has one hell
of a workout regimen
Don’t get me wrong, Vick is a god for whom I have unlimited love and respect. He will only get even better, along with DeSean, Maclin, Avant, and Celek. When they’re on, they’re on fire. My biggest fear last year as a Packers fan was the Wild Card game and how they could hope to win against such an explosive force. This year, it’ll be even harder.

I think Plax is getting a busy signal
cause the Eagles are using up all
their minutes this off-season.

Asomugha can shut out every top WR they'll face, freeing Asante to hawk the check-downs passes. Meanwhile, Rodgers-Cromartie may just outshine his cousin (who, to be honest, has had a bigger bark on the Jets than a bite). With the Redskins in shambles, the Cowboys still without any certainty in their step, and the Giants losing two solid O-linemen along with possibly Osi Umenyiora if he doesn’t get a new contract, the NFC East is looking like the Eagles’ to lose.

Though, the pending return of Plaxico Burress could still shake things up for New York (or even Philadelphia). All in all, the off-season is not even a week over, technically, and this party’s already so wild it should be busted by the DEA. CAUSE THESE EAGLES ARE RIDIN HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH BABY! --Amorgz

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