Friday, July 22, 2011

The NFL Owners' First Post-Ratification Thoughts Must've Been Incredible...

The NFL Owners agreed to the CBA agreement...

This is nail-biting stuff! No? 

I wonder what some of the NFL owners were thinking after they ratified the deal...

"Can you hear me now? Good"
"I go in"
"We'ze just gave them an offer they'ze can'ta refuse"
"I'm ready for some football, bro"
"If they (NFLPA) don't sign, we're still making 20 million 
this year hahahaha (large business laugh)"
"I don't care how many people don't watch the Bills, I DO"
"Bring on the frozen tundra, motherf*cker"
"Thank God that's over, I've gotta take a mean deuce"
"No way...we did what?!"
"You see them there mountains? We just been over comin' those"
"Can we please take our talents back to South Beach now?"
"Ohh mann I was just startin' to have some fun too"
"Let's bring it on home!"
"Oh my god, I can finally go watch HP 7.5... YES"
"Tell Lance I'll get back to him"
"Tell Plax I'm on my way"
"Damn, that was close"
"So you're telling me I don't have to go to the Cayman Islands?"
"It's hammer time"
"You bet your ass I ratified that deal"

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