Monday, July 18, 2011

Maya Moore is Crushing the Game of WNBA Jersey Sales, as Expected (She's the Nicest)

By Adam Maher

The greatest college basketball player of all-time, turned WNBA young-gun marauder, Rookie Maya Moore, of the Minnesota Lynx, has the top-selling jersey in the WNBA this season.

She is averaging 14 points and five rebounds for the Lynx, who are currently sitting in second place in the Western Conference.  Only Candace Parker sold more Jerseys as a rookie by this point in the season, and there is plenty of time left for Maya to make an economic surge.  A Championship MVP might help...

Anyone who has ever read this glorious blog knows that I love Maya Moore, so upon reading on this morning that Maya was producing such good numbers for her franchise, I had to throw together a picture-poem collage of what Maya has been up to since she started getting legally paid for her basketball talents...enjoy:

Maya Moore, The Nicest Out, A Picture Poem
Driving the lane, the best in the game
Making a pass, with perfect aim
Summoning the rock, with Jedi-like prowess
When Maya's on the court, her team's limits are boundless

Handling the media with wit and precision
The Lynx drafted Maya - a perfect decision

Artists will try to mimic her swag
Hopefully this year, a WNBA Finals MVP trophy, she will snag.

Keep killing the game Maya!