Sunday, July 17, 2011

In Lieu of the NBA Lock Out, SBz Brings You: Classic NBA Fire Part Three: T-Mac's 13 Points

This is hands down one of the most improbable and amazing events to occur in American sportz history.   The Spurs were having no trouble with the Rockets until Tracy McGrady told his teammates to shove it, as he completely took over the last minute of the game. T-Mac exhibited the heart and will of a champion (which is ironic since he never made it out of the 1st round of the playoffs) and sent the Spurs home with one of the greatest "eff-you" three pointers I've ever seen:

T-Mac went IN that day.  I remember watching this live and knowing right then and there that Tracy McGrady was one of the best basketball players of all time.

pdubs & amaher


  1. The only reason that Reggie Miller's performance against the Knicks is better is because that was in the playoffs