Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In Case Anyone Forgot Why America Forgave Mike Vick

With the news of Michael Vick arriving at Congress to support Anti-Dogfighting Laws this morning, I thought it was necessary to remember the greatest individual performance of last year's crazy NFL season.  Since his 18 month incarceration, Mr. Vick has done a good job handling the media and his critics by suiting up and scoring touchdowns - two perfect ways to win back the hearts of America.

In the insane performance which is on display below, Vick threw four blistering touchdown passes, including an 80-yard bullet on the first play of the game, and also rushed for two touchdowns.  It was only fitting that it was pouring rain during this absolutely dominant and gutsy performance by the former Virginia Tech superstar.

So sit back and enjoy this incredible 6-touchdown thriller of a game by Mikey Vick, as John Gruden and Mike Tirico do a good job of commentating:


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