Thursday, July 21, 2011

Corporations Beginning to Back Mike Vick Again...

"On Wednesday, Vick, who signed with Nike earlier this month, became an equity partner in Double Eagle Holdings, Ltd., the parent company of Fuse Science, Inc." (

As part of the agreement, Vick will endorse Fuse Science, Inc.'s nutritional and medicinal line of products. This news is coming just two days after Vick visited congress to address and support Anti-Dogfighting laws (in a suit mind you), so I say... Is this great timing? Yes.  Is Vick killing it? Yes. Will Vick win MVP next season? Yes. Will every 15 year old athlete in the U.S. buy Fuse Science's new line of sports nutritional vitamins and minerals? 100% YES. When Michael Vick wears a suit and throws touchdowns, America wins. FACT. I miss my dog though RIP Sammy.
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Mike Vick


Fuse Science, Inc.


Every 15 year old football player in the U.S.


X amounts of bags of money




Charlie Sheen


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